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Modern British History
Social and Cultural History
Art History

Victorians * Edwardians * Between the Wars * Modernism * Art Deco * Cinema * Local History * Novels and History * Art & History * History of Fashion * Wartime * Christmas Customs * Death & Mourning * History in Literature * 

Art Deco and the 'Moderne' 
Art Deco, Modernism and the Jazz Age
The Edwardians
The Festive Season - history of Christmas and Winter Traditions
Flea-pits and Picture-palaces - a history of film and cinema
History of Medicine and Isolation Hospitals in Brighton, Hove & Portslade
The Home-front in Wartime
Life Between the Wars (1918-1939)
Looking at Victorian Art -paintings as social history
Mid-Victorian Britain II: The Victorian World 1851-1875
The Novel as Social History
Regency to Rock 'n' Roll - a later history of Brighton & Hove
Regency to Rock 'n' Roll - later history of Brighton, Hove & Portslade 1750-1960
Victorian Life & Leisure 1851-1875
Victorian World (1837-1890)
Women, Wartime and the Homefront 

Dido's Lament: Victorian Death & Mourning
A film followed by discussion - premièred at Brighton Festival Fringe

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